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Bug#704815: Would it be possible to reenable CONFIG_ACPID

06.04.2013 12:56, Guido Trotter wrote:
> Package: busybox-static
> Version: 1:1.20.0-7
> Severity: wishlist
> I know that acpid was disabled on purpose, but would it be possible to
> reenable it? It is useful on VMs running with busybox only, for example.

For many years, i've the following "replacement" for acpid:

---- cut ----
#! /bin/sh

[ -d /sys/module/button ] || { modprobe button; sleep 5; }
[ -f /proc/acpi/event ] || exit 1

while read x < /proc/acpi/event; do
  case "$x" in
      echo "
Power down
" > /dev/console
      shutdown -h -P now
---- cut ----

Is it not sufficient for you?

If you talk about VMs, I found it is much easier to use Ctrl+Alt+Del
from inittab to signal shutdown, and don't bother with acpi at all.
For this to work, just change cad action in /etc/inittab to do
power down instead of reboot.

As for enabling this applet for wheezy, it definitely is not possible
at this time because of the freeze.



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