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d-i wheezy rc2 preparation, take 1

Hi folks,

unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with announcing timelines
like I tried to do during betas, but here we are: d-i wheezy rc2
should be happening during (or right after) this very weekend.

Things I'd like to see merged:
 - netcfg (preseed bug -- fixed in git -- and iw installation); awaiting
   some bits of review for the wireless-* settings part. Phil, maybe?
 - tasksel: install n-m for gnome; awaiting a reply from debian-cd@.
 - manual: Samuel, time for another upload?
 - translation-staus: Christian, any chance you could fix the script
   that generates that file?

Things we could think about merging:
 - choose-mirror: usually uploaded right before a release, but no change
   on the mirrorlist side. Some updated translations, Christian, do we
   want those?

Things that want to be migrated (release managers, please push them to
 - partman-base/165 (l10n + kbsd fix).
 - yaboot-installer/1.1.26; fix submitted a while ago, but never
   reviewed/uploaded until now, mea culpa.

Things that might want to be migrated:
 - localechooser: Christian, I don't see the change mentioned in 2.51
   in the source debdiff. Am I right to assume it only pops up in the
   binaries? In which case, RMs, please unblock localechooser/2.53 too.

See you in a few hours once I've processed my -boot@ backlog a little


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