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Bug#691750: partman-basicfilesystems: ext2 filesystem name is capitalized in es.po

Package: partman-basicfilesystems
Version: 76
Severity: minor

Hello Christian.

I'd like to see the name of "ext2" filesystem not to be capitalized
in es.po, for two reasons:

a) Because it is not at the beginning of a phrase, and the accepted
and usual name in Spanish seems to be "ext2", not "Ext2". As opposed
to person names etc, the wikipedia page about ext2 shows its name with
lowercase "e":


(BTW: I see that this also happens in French, German and Italian).

b) Because it is inconsistent with es.po in partman-ext3 package,
where "ext3" and "ext4" is used in the translations.

Because of this inconsistency, debian-installer shows this funny mix
of Ext2/ext3/ext4 when creating partitions.

(see attached snapshot taken by qemu).

Patch follows (but the es.po file says not to be modified directly, I
suppose you will know the right way to do that).

Thanks a lot.

diff -ru partman-basicfilesystems-76.original/debian/po/es.po partman-basicfilesystems-76/debian/po/es.po
--- partman-basicfilesystems-76.original/debian/po/es.po	2011-07-07 03:02:04.000000000 +0200
+++ partman-basicfilesystems-76/debian/po/es.po	2012-10-29 12:31:44.650296074 +0100
@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@
 #. :sl2:
 #: ../partman-basicfilesystems.templates:30001
 msgid "Ext2 file system"
-msgstr "sistema de ficheros Ext2"
+msgstr "sistema de ficheros ext2"
 #. Type: text
 #. Description

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