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Bug#691666: installation-reports: please propose french bépo keyboard layout during installation

Le dim. 28 oct. 2012 12:08:25 CET,
Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> a écrit :

> And it was discussed again in #630575, with the same conclusion: that
> conflicts with the goal of simplicity & small size of the installer,
> we don't really want to double the amount of layouts proposed in the
> debian installer (yes, if we propose bepo, we should also propose all
> kinds of dvorak layouts for each and every country, even the US dvorak
> is questionable).

I didn't saw this bug report. Meanwhile, the simplicity shouldn't go
against usability, no ?

What I see is that such a keymap is about 2,5 kb ; we can also build it
dynamically from Xorg definitions using console-setup and xkb-data (these packages
are already in the debian-wheezy-DI-b3-amd64-i386-netinst.iso), so it
could be doable with adding a so big amount of data to the installer,
no ? From my understand of debian-installer, these keyboard layouts are
stored in the initrd.gz, isn't it ? but I didn't find exactly where).

On the contrary, doing the Debian system installation without the
correct keyboard mapping turns this operation more difficult (try to do
an installation choosing a very different layout from yours), giving
root password [without visual feedback] is quite a challenge ! and
setting the right layout after installation isn't the easiest task,
depending on the target desktop.

The user experience & simplicity should be prefered if possible from
tool simplicity, isn't it ?

   with regards,

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