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Bug#691654: partitioning issue error -- graphical installer

Package: debian-installer

There's a bug with the graphical installer (.iso dvd amd64 wheezytesting , using build ~ oct 5 2012 , md5sum 6b717207406783a468c873e1babd0c12 )

 I'm testing with a virtualbox. The new hd has no partition table on it.

I boot the amd64 dvd, choose graphical installer

 At Partition Disks screen, I choose manual
, I choose my drive (not 'Guided partitioning', but the Harddisk row selection)
    , clicked continue

 Next screen says, "Create new empty parition table on this device?"
  , I chose "Yes" and clicked "Continue"

 , I'm not able to create partitions after this..

(attachment optional, just shows screenshot where in the graphical installer it occurs)

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