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Bug#680084: os-prober: postinst script gets stuck

> Maybe some information about the disk layout helps, too:
> /dev/sda is the only disk installed.
>	/dev/sda1	/boot ext4
>	/dev/sda2	encrypted physical volume for lvm2:
>	/dev/mapper/pv00		physical volume
>	/dev/mapper/vg00-root		/ filesystem ext4
>	/dev/mapper/vg00-swap		swap
>	/dev/mapper/vg00-root2		empty ext4
>	/dev/mapper/vg00-export		empty ext4

Is this the contents of your /etc/fstab?  If so, using "empty" as the
mount point could be part of the problem.  If this is the case, could
you try changing "empty" to a real mount point?


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