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Bug#691334: task-gnome-desktop: Recommends obsolete system-config-printer

2012-10-24 14:53, Josselin Mouette skrev:
> Package: task-gnome-desktop
> Version: 3.13
> Severity: important
> The system-config-printer package is still installed by default.
> The GNOME control center now includes a configuration tool for cups, and 
> the settings daemon replaces the features of s-c-p-applet. Therefore the 
> functionality is duplicated at the moment.
> Please remove this spurious dependency.

Please note that system-config-printer has many more features (you can
set default printer settings, server settings, etc.). GNOME control
center's tool is _very_ limited (as usual for new GNOME versions).

I can't even add network printers by URL in GNOME control center. It
also complains about firewalld not running when I try to add a network
printer, but firewalld doesn't even seem to have a Debian package.

Still, if people can't find system-config-printer then maybe it doesn't
make sense to include it by default anyway.


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