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Bug#691147: installation-report: FSC_Futro_S300 set up with Wheezy beta

On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 09:24:27 +0200, Andreas Glaeser wrote:

> This installation went quite fine, but I had the
> debian-desktop-environment installed on this box and wondered in the
> end, that it was Gnome3, not XFCE. I thought XFCE was the default now
> for CD-installations and a single-CD-image was used for this (while


> using a network-mirror). Gnome3 began starting up, but with only 256
> MB of RAM, this would have been an endless swap-orgy, so Gnome was
> removed again with tasksel and task-xfce-desktop and task-lxde-desktop
> chosen instead. As with the IGEL-thinclient before, I built a special
> kernel-image for this box, because *-686-pae would produce a

Why?  The 486 kernel image should work just fine.  Which one did d-i

> reboot-loop instead of starting up and lower latency-times are
> appreciated.


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