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Bug#664128: debian-installer: please default to grub-ieee1275 on powerpc instead of yaboot

On 03/15/2012 03:05 PM, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Please have debian-installer on powerpc default to grub-ieee1275
> instead of yaboot.

We can allow d-i grub installation on powerpc machines for wheezy, but
not make it default.

> Differences in the setup:
> yaboot expects a ~1MiB bootstrap partition in an apple-formatted disk
> that is openfirmware-visible.  This partition isn't mounted on the
> running host, but is managed/updated when the admin runs ybin.
> grub-ieee1275 expects a larger bootstrap partition (~10MiB should be
> fine) in an apple-formatted disk that is openfirmware-visible.  This
> partition should have a plain HFS (not HFS+) filesystem on it, and
> should be mounted by the host at /boot/grub.

To transition fully to grub on powerpc machines we will have to change
partitioning recipes for CHRP IBM, CHRP Pegasos and NewWorld Mac
machines. This will have to wait for jessie.

Manual creation of the appropriate partition in d-i (/boot/grub) will
enable grub installation in wheezy d-i. Thus, we will be able to
experiment with d-i grub installation on powerpc machines.

> Users of grub-ieee1275 probably therefore also want to have hfsprogs
> installed on their system for /sbin/fsck.hfs so that routine filesystem
> checks at boot time can proceed for the filesystem mounted at
> /boot/grub.

I agree.

> I'm also happy to test powerpc d-i images that use grub-ieee1275 if you
> need testers.

Do you have access to any IBM Power machines?


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