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Bug#690978: debian-installer: d-i unable to find disk storage on Hyper-V

On 22.10.2012 16:59, Arnaud Patard wrote:

There is another bug report open for that with a workaround for the
ata_piix change, but it then fails accessing the network card


hm. Stupid question: Why would you use a workaround on command line
while we have a udeb containing the right module, which means that one
can install in Hyper-V out of the box ?

Not so stupid question, quite honestly I had no idea how to include a udeb that is not shipped by default into a CD (I now found http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify/CD). And the workaround for ata_piix is harmless since it only applies for d-i step, while getting a usable network card without drivers requires using the legacy card and changing it later, potentially changing MAC addresses as well.

Do you have an image with your patch which I could briefly test? Or

I've used the iso uploaded here:

could you verify operation with the Hyper-V NIC as well?

I've used the monolithic iso I mentionned so it had to download debs to
install debian. I guess this means it's working.

Thanks. I'll try it in the next days.


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