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d-i Manual: 5.1.7. The Boot Screen - alternative DEs

The attached patch is a description of an option which does not appear
to be mentioned in any detail in the Guide, (Thinking on, it is almost a
hidden option. Why can it not be in the top level menu?)

It also occured to me that users might want to see what the sub-menus
contain. At present only the main menu is shown in this section. A patch
is available if required,

Also. Would there be any benefit to having a paragraph or two linking
the menu items to other sections of the Guide.? For example, Linking
'Install with speech synthesis' to section 5.2. or 'Automated install'
to Appendix B. Easily done if wanted. A user reading this section might
want to know what they are in for.


--- manual/en/boot-installer/x86.xml	2012-10-20 18:53:08.923819809 +0100
+++ manual/en/boot-installer/x86_alternativeDEs.xml	2012-10-20 19:27:43.000000000 +0100
@@ -408,6 +408,12 @@
 that allows to boot the installer in expert mode, in rescue mode and for
 automated installs.
+The second menu also offers an 'Alternative desktop environments' menu.
+You can choose from KDE, LXDE or Xfce. You will be asked about having a
+DE towards the end of the install as part of installing extra packages.
+Unless you make a choice here (or with an installer boot parameter) you
+will have the GNOME Desktop Environment automatically installed.
 If you wish or need to add any boot parameters for either the installer

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