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Bug#690918: Q: permission of install screenshot file

Quoting Hideki Yamane (henrich@debian.or.jp):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: minor
> Version: 20120930
> Hi,
>  Question about screenshot which was taken during installation.
>  In /var/log/installer, screenshots are not able to touch normal users
>  as its permission. Is it intend? 

I guess so, yes. After all, just like logs, they can contain sensitive

>  If so, I want it to be changed to be readable for normal user, first
>  created user during install, at least. The reason is, if user want to
>  check screenshots after install, they must use "su" (or use sudo if they
>  didn't add a password to root). 

That would  make things utterly complicated, given that there is no
guarantee that a normal user is created during install.

For me, these screenshots are like logs and there is no reason to have
them behave differently.

Thanks for your care reporting your suggestion....even if I disagree
with the proposal..:-)

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