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Bug#690763: installation-guide: sudo and no password for root user situation

Package: installation-guide
Severity: normal
Version: 20121010
Tags: patch
Control: user debian-devel@debian.or.jp
Control: usertags -1 debianjp


 I found installation guide doesn't say about when users install Debian
 without root password situation. How about this change?

--- installation-howto.xml.orig	2012-10-17 21:01:13.797263506 +0900
+++ installation-howto.xml	2012-10-17 21:04:05.413595833 +0900
@@ -302,7 +302,9 @@
 Installation of the base system is followed by setting up user accounts. By
 default you will need to provide a password for the <quote>root</quote>
 (administrator) account and information necessary to create one regular user
+account. If you don't specify password for <quote>root</quote> user, one
+regular user that you've created will have administration right for the 
+system with <command>sudo</command> command.

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