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Bug#686861: debian-installer: kfreebsd requires larger MFS_ROOT

reopen 686861
notfixed 686861 20120930
found 686861 20120930
severity 686861 wishlist


I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but could the MFSROOT_LIMIT perhaps be
lowered just slightly, to 80 MiB?

The increase above 64 MiB was necessary because the installer (only
momentarily) seems to need a little more space for some processing of
debconf templates during a GUI install.  The jump up to 128 MiB was a
sure way to fix that, but now it seems a bit excessive.

If MFSROOT_LIMIT can be lowered to 80 MiB on kfreebsd-amd64, that should
lower the minimum memory requirement to 128 MiB for text installs and
192 MiB for GUI installs.  That would surely then satisfy the smallest
likely x86_64 systems or virtual machines.  qemu-system-x86_64 has a
default of 128 MiB RAM.

The install guide probably needs adjusting too;  the figures quoted for
squeeze don't sound realistic.  The available memory has to be at least
the size of an uncompressed kernel image, plus the value set for
MFSROOT_LIMIT, and still leave enough for the d-i userland.

Steven Chamberlain

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