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Bug#690527: Not installed Rtl8188cus USB card

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: <How did you boot the installer? CD? > Image version:debian squeeze 6 05 XFCE CD1  <Full URL to image you downloaded is best> Date: <15.09.2012l>

Machine: <Description of machine (Toshiba portege 7200)> Processor:p3 Memory:328 Partitions: <ext3 partition table is preferred>

Output of lspci -knn (or lspci -nn):

Base System Installation Checklist: [O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot: [ ok] Detect network card: [ e] Configure network: [ e] Detect CD: [ok ] Load installer modules: [ ok] Detect hard drives: [ok ] Partition hard drives: [ ok] Install base system: [ok ] Clock/timezone setup: [ok ] User/password setup: [ok ] Install tasks: [ok ] Install boot loader: [ e] Overall install: [ e]


<Description of the install, in prose, and any thoughts, comments and ideas you had during the initial install.>
It doesn't find my network Rtl8188cus USB adapter during install. In spite of after installation it counted in lsusb command. And after installation network don't work. So excuse me that I can't show lsusb output I written this bug-report from android phone . 
And when I try to install driver loaded from realtek site, I find that make is unknown command. After I installed make, it start compile, but end with error on first step. And I Don,t can installation driver and internet on this debian system.
Other partition of the HDD on this PC is Xubuntu, and same not find USB wi-fi during installation, but after installation I can compiled them by same make command. Makefile was the same as use for debian.

I Don,t have any idea why make doe'snt work in debian. I think I make all properly, because all  work in Хububtu ?
In the bug report, describe what the problem is, including the last visible kernel messages in the event of a kernel hang. Describe the steps that you did which broug

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