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Re: Iceweasel/Icedove ESR and Whezzy

On 13.10.2012 09:43, Mike Hommey wrote:

> That being said, I think we should actively advise people to use
> backports for iceweasel. Making that statement part of the release notes
> might be a good idea. Possibly with a working pinning setup.
> Or maybe it would be a good idea to add the working pinning setup to the
> iceweasel package itself, so that people that add backports source will
> automatically get proper upgrades? Or maybe not, I'm just throwing an
> idea.

Sounds interesting. I'd love to see ESR 17 (or any later ESR version)
easily accessible in wheezy.
Maybe d-i could even generate a proper backports configuration in
sources.list but commented out by default?

Seeing that backports are now an official part of the archive and
promoted more actively, that would make sense imo.

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