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Dropping "sublevel 6" for Debian Installer translations

During the last 3 months, a new Debian Installer "sublevel" was added
for strings that had been changed or added after the first freeze of D-I
strings happened.

Over the weeks, this sublevel gathered up to 46 strings belonging to 4
different packages: netcfg (the majority), cdebconf, network-console
and partman-efi.

As the last D-I betas are under work, it makes less sense to keep
these strings in a dedicated place.

As a consequence, il will move them to the sublevel they belong
to. This will not change D-I translation completeness, but strings
will move around from one sublevel to another, don't be surprised.

After this, we will have a good picture of localization coverage for
each language and we'll then be able to activate the dedicated
warnings that may pop up when users pick a language for which D-I
translation is only partial.


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