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Bug#683790: switching d-i to kmod

Quoting Marco d'Itri (md@linux.it):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: important
> Tags: d-i
> While the kmod package has been providing since January an udeb package 
> intended as the replacement for module-init-tools-udeb, it was never 
> actually used due to an unfortunate misunderstanding about how d-i is 
> supposed to load modules.
> wheezy cannot be released with module-init-tools-udeb because 
> module-init-tools is abandoned upstream and by me, and I am not even 
> sure if it can be uploaded again in its current form since kmod has 
> taken over the module-init-tools binary package name.
> Also it is not a good idea to use different modprobe implementations in 
> the the installer and in the installed system.
> kmod has replaced module-init-tools in unstable since March with no 
> significant issues and now it is used by every other distribution.

I intend to commit the needed change (from my understading: just
replacing "module-init-tools-udeb [linux]" by "libkmod2-udeb [linux]"
in installer/build/pkg-lists/base

Just waiting for some comments in case there would be something else
needed...or some objections coming.

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