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Bug#613430: debian-installer will not install grub bootloader on kfreebsd-amd64 system w/ a ZFS partition

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On 26/07/12 23:09, Dave Bechtel wrote:
> grub-installer: info: Installing grub on '/dev/da0'
> grub-installer: info: Mounting /proc into /target
> main-menu[107]: (process:32067): mount: mounting proc on /target/proc failed: No such device
> main-menu[107]: WARNING **: Configuring 'grub-installer' failed with error code 255

It could be that grub-installer tries to mount with '-t proc' instead of
'-t linprocfs' on GNU/kFreeBSD.  Could be a serious bug as at least
three people have seen this now (including me) and it requires manually
working around from the the installer shell, such as:

# chroot /target /bin/bash
# mount -t linprocfs linprocfs /proc
# update-grub2
# exit

Apparently it is not specific to ZFS.

May be somehow related to http://bugs.debian.org/637684

Steven Chamberlain

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