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Bug#681879: provide file:// url/uri packages/ download option alongside http:// and ftp://

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20120716 testing
Severity: wishlist

When using expert-install, option is provided to get packages from a
http:// or an ftp:// URL.

file:// option should also be provided.

This implies either command shell mounting, or some DI .udeb to
provide a 'mount local/USB package mirror' step.

At least, even manual (sub shell) mount and specification of file://
protocol, then enter the file path/url, manually, would be adequate
for now.

We have high-latency low-bandwidth rural internet connection, so
anything other than installing off a CD or local HDD package archive
is painful; we regularly travel to a location where we update our
local mirror (USB) hdd, and package updates come from that.
It is desirable to be able to install in the first instance onto new
pcs, from our local mirror, rather than having to setup a webserver on
another computer serving the mirror, plug our mirror in to that, cope
with DI networking issues etc, all just for an install.
Small laptops come without CD/DVD drive, limiting install option to
USB stick (another current source of some frustration - for other bug

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