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Bug#415634: The kde-desktop task already has a multimedia player

On 2012-07-13 17:56, Christian PERRIER wrote:
It installs kde-standard that actually install juk.

So there's indeed no need for Yet Another Multimedia Player. If you
thing that amarok should replace juk, then please file a bug report
against kde-standard.

Amarok is not "Yet Another Multimedia Player", unless you have something other than JuK in mind as reference. Amarok is not strictly superior to JuK since it is a lot larger, and surely generally more heavyweight. On a business install, having JuK must be enough. But for most "personal" computers, Amarok is a better choice. As evidence, even though JuK is installed by default while Amarok isn't, Amarok has more than twice as many votes as Amarok (2322 vs 927).

I cannot figure out how I computed Amarok's size as 78 MB. In any case, documentation was now split into amarok-doc, and Amarok's current size (2.6~beta1+75.g47e75df-1) is now just 45 MB if excluding amarok-doc (which is merely suggested by amarok), which is a lot better. It would probably be best to install JuK or Amarok depending on the target system's power, but failing infrastructure to facilitate that, and considering that using a single player would be more consistent, I believe Amarok should indeed replace JuK as the default music player for KDE, given this new number. I believe the proportion of PCs which will lack power to prefer Amarok over JuK by the time we release 8 should be negligible.

I agree it would be best if the KDE team could manage which packages are recommended, however, it's not clear that installing Amarok fits in kde-standard's scope. I asked for a clarification of kde-standard in #666968.

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