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Re: Where are the templates stored?

Quoting proper (torbox@riseup.net):
> Hi,
> the documentation [1] does not answer my question. For example "#d-i
> netcfg/dhcp_options select Configure network manually"...
> How am I supposed to know there is another option would be "Do not
> configure network at this time"? That's not in documentation, that's
> only found on google which is difficult and I still do not find all
> settings.
> I am looking for the templates. [2] I'd like to have a list
> - template
> - type
> - Default
> - Description
> - possible values.

Debconf templates are in packages used by D-I. The ones you quote
above are in netcfg. Others you mentioned are in partman-basicfilesystems.

Many D-I components have debconf templates. All of them can be
preseeded. The documentation focuses on those that are most often
used in preseeded installations. Of course, there's always room for
improvement and there might be interesting use cases which could be documented.

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