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Tasksel status

I just finished going though all bugs reported against tasksel.

I closed the obviously outdated ones or those we already said in the
past we do not intend to fix.

I tagged "wontfix" those that are very likely to never be fixed.

I committed all  changes that are "obviously" safe (a discussion with
Joey made me revert one of these).

And I committed in three specific branches
(people/bubulle/bug-<#######>) those where I think a review is wished.

My current proposal is thus to:
- get a decision about these 3 bugs
- update the current unblock request (which is for 3.10 while we have
3.11 in unstable)
- let 3.11 enter testing
- upload 3.12 for unstable
- later on, request for unblock


PS: I'd prefer not to have to upload 3.12 myself when it'll be time
(still have to learn more about git packages builds..:-))


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