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Bug#681466: tasksel: update input method support and Chinese tasks

Package: src:tasksel
Tags: patch


I've prepared a patch for improving the input method support status in
Wheezy, together with some updates to Chinese tasks.

1. Input method:

a) scim-tables was removed from the archive because it was not
maintained. There are people uploaded it to NEW again, but I'm not
sure about its current quality and whether it will enter testing. So
all referenced places are replaced with Fcitx, which has added those
support before freeze aimed at being able to replace SCIM when needed.

b) im-config is replacing im-switch, and tasks where have input
methods is recommending im-config even if it wasn't recommend
im-switch before. im-switch is due to be removed from Wheezy +1, and
we want the transition be as smooth as possible from Wheezy.

c) IM Modules are explicitly added to Recommends, so that users can
take advantage of improved experience.

c) Fcitx has changed a lot so that chinese-s tasks need some updates
to enable those features

d) Japanese task adds uim-mozc, which is a good candidate in the
phrase of user experience. But there are people arguing that even
though mozc is open sourced, the community isn't that open. If there
are disagreement from Japanese community we can remove it later.

2. Chinese taks:

a) jfbterm has been replaced by zhcon, even though it is also
deprecated, it's still the best solution comparing with fbterm.

b) Varies deprecated packages are removed, downgraded or replaced by
modern equivalent.

c) Traditional Chinese community is still discussing about what
default input method they want to have in the task, so this part may
change later. Currently it's the defaults used in Ubuntu. (See: Bug #680668)

Aron Xu

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