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Bug#652946: partman-target should not create /var/run

On 11.07.2012 22:34, Rui Bernardo wrote:
> Attached is an eventual patch that could fix the issue.

I think partman should not create /var/run & /var/lock
at all at this point.  Note the comment right before
the mkdir:

 				# Create these before /var is mounted,
 				# so that they can be mounted as tmpfses
-				mkdir -p /target/var/lock
-				mkdir -p /target/var/run
+				mkdir -p /target/run

In previous life, there was a hack to mount /var/run &
/var/lock as tmpfs, and it was done BEFORE /var is
mounted!  Ie, once real /var gets mounted, it hides
run & lock dirs below itself.  The code in initscripts
tried to move /var/run and /var/lock elsewhere before
mounting /var, and to move them back after mounting /var.

Hence, /var/lock and /var/run should exist in root
filesystem even if separate /var is being used, --
these directories wont be created later during install
after we mount /target/var since it will hide the root

This whole hack is not needed anymore, and /run will
be created in a usual way during install process.

So this whole trick should be removed.



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