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Re: Bug#680676: unblock: busybox/1:1.20.0-5

On 08.07.2012 17:08, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru> (08/07/2012):
>> #680342 - http://bugs.debian.org/679377
>> xargs applet does not implement basic POSIX-specified features
> Question: is it expected it's not available in the initramfs?

it is not available there now (before the last upload and this
request) just because no one come to the missing feature yet.

"Regular" initramfs does not use lots of utils or features,
as it only needs very minimal stuff.  But various "live"
distributions/scripts based on Debian initramfs or based
on other things does more and, obviously, require more.
Just like I weren't aware of the issue with awk (also
addressed by this release) until it popped up in external
live script (which uses awk).

Ofcourse nothing stops regular debian packages to at least
try to use and hit missing features.  It just did not happen

I was slowly turning various features on to make the whole
thing at least "basically" POSIX-compatible, because overwise
it is not clear on what to base things.  And this is something
I obviously overlooked.

It come to my attention immediately when I was debugging the
awk-in-busybox problem, and temporarily replaced /bin/sh on
my regular system with busybox ash, which prefers internal
busybox applets, and various cron jobs started excersising
various busybox applets, and it

> Apparently that was the case already for alpha1, and is still the
> case now. (I wanted to check whether that -0 thingy was working as
> expected.)

Note: regular initramfs is not the same as d-i.  I assume
by "alpha1" you're talking about d-i -- there, xargs applet
isn't even enabled to start with.  Yes, I'd expect udeb
version of busybox to have more applets usually, but udeb
is dealt with on case-by-case basis: when something is needed
it is enabled.  So, in d-i, xargs does not exist at all,
and this change makes no difference.

(And there's a harmless bug in this my busybox release --
I enabled xargs features for udeb build, but not the xargs
itself.  These config options are unused even if turned on,
since they depend on enabled xargs which is not.  I noticed
it right after the upload, but decided this "issue" isn't
worth another upload).

>> P.S.  This is my first unblock request, so I'm not yet sure how to do
>> it all properly.
> Looks pretty much OK to me.

Actually it is not: I learned too late.  It is the wrong thing
to do -- to upload first and request to unblock later, when
there might be questionable changes.

>> unblock busybox/1:1.20.0-5
> Release team: ACK on the d-i side, urgent appreciated while you're at
> it.

Thank you for your time!


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