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Bug#680519: please do depend on gdm3 for lxde-desktop

Touko Korpela <touko.korpela@iki.fi> wrote:
> Isn't it too big?

for the live images, we've always been using gdm/gdm3 in lxde-desktop,
for the installer (via tasksel), up to squeeze, gdm was used too.

i don't think it's to big.

having lxdm at some later point though, is nice, and i wouldn't mind the
size decrease it bringts, however, until then the size difference
doesn't matter much.

otoh, choosing xdm is a no-go anyway, it doesn't support autologin
(which is essential for live systems) and i don't think that the the
installer (via tasksel) should use anything different than what we do
with the live systems.

> Shouldn't it use lightdm by default like Xfce does?

lightdm is relatively buggy, does not reasonably support autologin yet,
and doesn't bring any advantages over gdm3. gdm3 is even smaller in
footprint size than gdm in squeeze, hence, using gdm3 in wheezy rather
than gdm in squeeze is already an improvement.

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