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Re: Preparation for d-i beta 1

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (25/06/2012):
>  - 1st d-i upload less than 12 hours from now.
>  - udeb freeze.


>  - 2nd upload when the kernel is ready, hopefully some time next week.

I have to review a few packages we might want to get into testing soon,
that should happen during this weekend.

As for the kernel, linux can't migrate on its own, packages would become
uninstallable. linux-latest is needed but is missing its s390 build
(hence the poke on IRC and the extra Cc now).

I've checked with force/force-hint that there shouldn't be any other
issues once linux-latest is a candidate.

Once the kernel is in testing and other udebs unblocked, there should be
a new debian-installer upload early next week, which might become beta1.


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