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Bug#679377: Segmentation fault when initramfs is booting

On 05.07.2012 04:32, Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:
> I'm having trouble with the same problem in a custom (not Debian live)
> live boot environment, where busybox awk segfaults with 
> shell-ash-export-HOME.patch applied. The code in question is[1]:
> FINGERED=$(awk -F: '
> Executing the very same awk command from the initramfs shell (busybox 
> ash) afterwards succeeds however:

It looks like the problem only happens with awk and only
when it is called as "awk" (not busybox awk and not /bin/awk
after adding a symlink with this name pointing to busybox)
and only when it is called from pid=1.

For example, I did some experiments, and put a simple
awk call in a separate file "/at".  Executing it from
/init does not produce segfault, but sourcing it does
(so it only happens with pid==1).

I can only guess it is due to awk being NOEXEC applet.

This is a problem very difficult to debug.  I'll try
to get something out of this all.

Thank you!


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