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Bug#680347: No disk found (C602 chipset)

Package: debian-installer


I was trying to install Debian on a new Lenovo S30 system. I downloaded the file


(label: Debian GNU/Linux testing "Wheezy" - Official Snapshot amd64 NETINST Binary-1 20120704-09:15)

and started the installer from the CD. Unfortunately, it was unable to detect any drives.

I did some searching, and found that it seems to not contain the right drivers for the SAS controller of my system. lspci -v shows

05:00.0 Serial Attached SCSSI controller: Intel Corporation C602 chipset 4-Port SATA Storage Control Unit (rev 06).

When running from a Knoppix CD, I got some line saying 'Kernel driver in use: isci'. I do not see that line when running the Debian installer. For reference, lspci -n shows '05:00.0 0107: 8086:1d6b (rev 06)'.

It seems to me that the installer doesn't contain or is unable to load the isci driver.


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