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Bug#678795: task-desktop: Flash support should pull in browser-plugin-lightspark

[Per Olofsson]
> This argument assumes that there are valid patents on H.264 held by
> the MPEG-LA. According to <http://www.debian.org/legal/patent>,
> Debian will not knowingly distribute software encumbered by
> patents. Since Debian is distributing H.264 encoders and decoders,
> that must mean that we are not aware of any patents. If you are
> aware of patents on H.264, then you should probably discuss it with
> patents@debian.org and not publicly.

Actually, you are the one claiming Debian distribute programs
supporting H.264.  I do not know if that is true.  I avoid using H.264
files.  I am just pointing out issues I see with providing H.264
support in Debian.  If you believe these to be non-issues, I can
understand your arguments, but I fail to see that it is reasonable to
believe MPEG-LA have no valid patent to base their considerable income
on. :)

> In any case, if you don't think Iceweasel should support H.264, then
> why support H.264 through a Flash plugin in default installs? Why
> should some software in Debian support H.264 but not Iceweasel's
> <video> tag?  Seems inconsistent to me.

I have not argued here for H.264 support anywhere in Debian, not even
in Flash.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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