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Bug#678726: Please drop cpufrequtils from task-laptop; linux-image now has a sensible default configuration

Quoting Josh Triplett (josh@joshtriplett.org):
> Package: tasksel
> Version: 3.09
> Severity: normal
> As of version 3.2.21-1 of the Linux images, the Linux kernel now loads
> any necessary cpufreq module itself based on cpuid, and the kernel
> images have defaulted to the ondemand cpufreq governor for a while now.
> Given those defaults, users no longer need cpufrequtils unless they want
> to put their system into a non-default less energy-efficient
> configuration.
> So, please drop cpufrequtils from task-laptop.

Hello Josh,

Thanks for keeping an eye on this. Always good to have people taking
care of tasks which is something that has to be done "nottoo close" to
the release.

Before I really remove the package, is there a reason why it would hurt
to have it?

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