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Bug#482092: partman-crypto: xts support

Hi #482092,

I am pinging this bug because I would really like to see xts in wheezy.
We (riseup.net) have been using serpent:xts-plain for our systems for
both lenny and squeeze and it works great. Until now we have had to do
some hacking to get d-i to set it up,
* drop to a shell
* wget the xts.ko and gf128mul.ko modules in the right dir
* verify the md5sums of the modules
* depmod -a;modprobe xts
* echo "cbc-essiv:sha256 cbc-plain plain ecb xts-plain" >

We even hacked up a preseed early command hack to set this up because
it was such a hassle.

I think the xts kernel module (and hopefully the gf128mul module since
it's a dependency?) are already included if I read this right,


If so, then I think all that's needed is to add xts-plain to


Sound correct?


Matt Taggart

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