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Bug#650819: Also affects GRUB prompt now

Now that grub2 1.99-19 was uploaded, this doesn't just affect grub.cfg:
 * Add grub-probe to grub-mount-udeb (LP: #963471).
grub-installer's prompt before installing GRUB is now, from what I can see, always broken, so it's at least as bad as the grub.cfg actually generated. Therefore, this doesn't cause #666750 anymore. The worst that should happen now if users are careful is that they'd refuse to install Debian.

There are now 2 scenarios:
  1. If installing a Linux image different from the installer's image, both the prompt and the actual grub.cfg will lack other OS-en, so this is a consistent failure.
  2. If installing the same Linux image as the installer's, the prompt will lack other OS-en, but the actual grub.cfg will have other OS-en, so this is just a false alarm.
I witnessed scenario 1 installing i386 on a recent desktop (686-pae). I witnessed scenario 2 installing i386 on a non-PAE laptop. Installs of the amd64 architecture should be in scenario 2. In the end, this is a regression for amd64, but a big (unintended) "improvement" for i386.

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