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Bug#678015: debian-installer: Guided partitioning took 26 hours to complete erasure of encripted LVM volume

El Lunes 18 Junio 2012 14:00:35 escribiste:
> Quoting Fernando J. Rodríguez (groucho@lugmen.org.ar):
> > Please consider:
> > b) asking the user if she actually wants to erase the contents of the
> > newly created volume; c) warning the user that the erasing could take
> > more than 1 day.
> The option exists but is not asked during guided partitioning with
> encryption, precisely to keep guided partitioning as a straightforward
> option and not something "asking questions".

Christian: I understand and agree with your point of view.
However, I still consider that an operation that is going to take more than a 
day to complete is granted at least a warning to the user, as it is likely way 
outside the expectations of users requesting guiding in partitioning that such 
ancilliary preparation of the storage medium that is going to hold the about 
to be installed operating system, takes so much time to complete.

> If you want to use an encrypted partition without erasing the data on
> it priori to this, you have to choose manual partitioning.

I would have, had I known in advance that it was going to erase the volume 
prior to creating the filesystem in it, and that it would take for ever to 

I could have made an informed decision, but only if I had been provided with 
the necessary information.

With kind regards,


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