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stainless steel cookware supply与您共享了照片


We are a manufacturer of stainless steel cookware/kettle in mainland, China, since 1992. Now, we have 20-year experience in production and exportation of these products. Our clients are all over the world, like Target in USA, Viners in UK, Walmart in South America, Lifetime Brands in USA, Ibili in Spain, etc.

Here comes our new model for your reference.
Color soft-touch handles and knobs, amazing, attractive and fashionable;
Good quality stainless steel in heavy gauge, with double spouts on pot or pan;
Heavy and thick bottom provides the best heat distribution;
Clear glass lid with two-side straining holes, easily water pouring without lifting the lid.

Alex chan
Yaward  Industrial  Development Ltd
Jiangmen, Guangdong 529000, China

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