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Re: Packages left to upload (mass upload for l10n purposes): need help by porters

What's left as of now:

> ARM:
> partman-ext2r0
> kFreeBSD:
> partman-zfs
> Mips:
> arcboot-installer
> sibyl-installer
> partconf
> partitioner
> Mipsel:
> colo-installer

Note that I'll probably re-upload some i3986/amd64 packages such as
network-console and apt-setup as translations keep coming in and I'd
like to have them as in sync as possible.

http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/translations.txt mentions what's
left to upload (dunno when joey runs the script generating this but
it's indeed scripts/l10n/scan-trans, easy to run on a local tree)

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