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live-installer_35_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_35.dsc
  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_35.tar.gz
  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_35_i386.udeb

live-installer (35) unstable; urgency=low
  * Team upload
  * Replace XC-package-Type by Package-Type
  [ Joey Hess ]
  * Set do_manual_removal=true when /cdrom/live/filesystem.packages-remove
    is not found. See #655198.
  [ Updated translations ]
  * Asturian (ast.po) by Mikel González
  * Bulgarian (bg.po) by Damyan Ivanov
  * Tibetan (bo.po) by Tennom
  * Welsh (cy.po) by Dafydd Tomos
  * Estonian (et.po) by Mattias Põldaru
  * Indonesian (id.po) by Mahyuddin Susanto
  * Icelandic (is.po) by Sveinn í Felli
  * Kannada (kn.po) by Prabodh C P
  * Lithuanian (lt.po) by Rimas Kudelis
  * Latvian (lv.po) by Rūdolfs Mazurs
  * Macedonian (mk.po) by Arangel Angov
  * Panjabi (pa.po) by A S Alam
  * Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR.po) by Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
  * Traditional Chinese (zh_TW.po) by Yao Wei (魏銘廷)

Override entries for your package:
live-installer_35.dsc - source debian-installer
live-installer_35_i386.udeb - optional debian-installer

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