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powerpc with GPT and MD?

I want to install 6.0.5 on a powerpc platform that has a SoC-specific kernel.

The platform I'm working on already has disks set up with GPTs and partitions
mirrored with MD (no LVM involved; in fact it is not configured into the kernel).

I copied the necessary kernel and modules to a partition, along with expanding
the installer initrd.  It boots from there and runs the installer.  I can get
to either the full DVD or netinst CD by loading the necessary modules.  The
problem is that the partitioning code doesn't work well enough for me to
continue installing the base system.

Given that I have booted the installer from one of the MDs, and that another
MD is where I want to install Debian, how can I let the installer know where
I want the file system installed?  It is no problem for me to escape to the
shell, since I do that to load the CD modules; I can format the target MD and
mount it to the installer ramdisk root while I'm there, but what, if any,
information can I use to tell the installer to use it?

I don't mind chasing this through the source myself, if there's an anonymous
"git", or whatever, to acquire the source, and, of course, any changes would
be returned for your consideration.


Dan Taylor
Sr. Staff Engineer
WD Branded Products

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