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Re: Tweaking tasks

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Following up from the thread about lack of space...
> A couple of weeks back I rewrote the task support in debian-cd to deal
> with the change from tasks-in-Packages to task meta-packages. After a
> lot of local testing, today is the first time the weeklies have been
> built using the new code. There's probably some more tweaking due for
> Recommends handling yet, but this seems to work at the moment.

Wow, that's a relief! Thank you immensely.

> The last package on amd64 CD#1 is libgjs0b. task-desktop fits on CD#1,
> but task-gnome-desktop is ~90 packages into CD#2. gnome-shell-common
> doesn't even make CD#1, which means the desktop will be a
> little... sparse. The full sorted package list is at

Is this with or without Recommends of tasks? 

Does it omit the (probably uncessary) Recommends of packages 
recommended by tasks?

see shy jo

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