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tasksel todo


This is some sort of tasksel todo.

Remove tasksel-data
tasksel-data was introduced to help derivates change it. However most of
the information is now installed as packages and more should come. Also
tasksel and tasksel-data currently have a recursive dependency. So this
is not gonna work without changes to tasksel anyway.

My proposal is to move all missing information to the packages. The
task packages should be moved to a different source package, so tasksel
only provides the scripts and the tasks can be easily replaced without
medling with tasksel themself.

Task dependencies
Tasks currently don't depend on each other. For example I can install
task-german-desktop without task-desktop. tasksel have some internal
logic to resolve this, but I think this should be also enforced on the
package level.

Base localization task
util-linux-locales is currently included in some languages but not in
others. Such packages should move into it's own base task.

Different dictionaries
Currently we may install four different dictionaries:
- hunspell
- aspell
- w*
- i*
Sometimes hunspell is included in the desktop task, sometimes in the
base local task.

hungarian-desktop for example _depends_ on a large amount of fonts. None
of them hungarian specific.


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