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Re: d-i: Plans for beta 1?

On 11.06.2012 03:29, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm wondering how many changes still need a commit in the various d-i
> git repositories (ISTR at least Phil wanted to commit more changes), and
> also which of them want an upload.

I want to upload current version of busybox (plus a few trivial
upstream bugfixes) to unstable (it is currently in experimental
due to releasing of d-i alpha and due to one change I tried to
do for about a year, and which finally appears to be working
fine (dropping a debian-specific patch which did some evil
things).  I prepared it locally and tested, don't see any

> With the freeze approaching, it would probably be an idea to think about
> cutting a beta release soonish, don't you think?

Especially having in mind the alpha fiasco due to apt bug, yes.



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