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Re: Debian & the FSF Secure Boot petition

Quoting Stefano Zacchiroli (leader@debian.org):
> Dear d-i hackers, I've been contacted by Paul Wise about FSF campaign on
> "secure boot" [1] (thanks Paul!). As observed by various commenters over
> the net, it is indeed striking that no FOSS distros is in there. I plan
> to contact the FSF asking that Debian is listed as an endorser of the
> campaign.
> As you are the Debian people working on our installer, I think it should
> be done in agreement with you.
> So, what do you think?  Do you see any reason why Debian should /not/
> endorse such a campaign?  Are you aware of any other initiative on the
> same vein that we should support to make our worries on that front
> heard?

I also discovered this campaign. I actually only heard very recently
about the piece of <censored> that is this so-called Secured Boot. And
I'll take this opportunity to endorse the campaign on a personal

And, of course, I do not see any reason for Debian to NOT endorse it.

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