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Bug#675094: debian-installer: wheezy installer: you can bypass errors with Previous button

Hi Miguel,

On 29/05/2012 22:46, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:

it seems an already known issue in the daily builds - please check #674100 [1]
#673997 [2].

I don't think so.

The Debian installer must block the installation process if you have a grave error (if you cannot install the base system you must not be able to start the apt installation, the system installation,...), but if you ask to configure the apt system you can bypass this block and go ahead with installation process. This can be true if you press the back/previous button when the Debian installer tell you that you cannot go ahead with the installation because the base system is not installed (if you press next button it start installing the base system).

So to reproduce this bug:
1) start the installation and go ahead to the base system installation error
2) select to install the apt-system and go ahead to the error message: "the base system is not installed"
3) press the previous/back button (sorry I don't know the English label)

now the Debian installer start to install the apt system, then you can also start installing all the Debian system...


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