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Bug#673715: [installation-guide] boot.img now creates a 1 GB filesystem, no longer 256 MB

Package: installation-guide
Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-Cc: 666090@bugs.debian.org

According to 4.3.1. Copying the files — the easy way:

Note that, although convenient, this method does have one major disadvantage: the logical size of the device will be limited to 256 MB, even if the capacity of the USB stick is larger.


This is no longer correct with the work done on #666090. boot.img is now a 1 GB filesystem. This also makes the following sentence wrong:

A second disadvantage is that you cannot copy a full CD image onto the USB stick, but only the smaller businesscard or netinst CD images.

The enlargement of boot.img now allows putting CD 1 on the stick :-)
One unfortunate consequence which I didn't foresee, though, is that writing boot.img to the key is now significantly longer (at least with my key/laptop) :-(
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