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Re: Wheezy release: CDs are not big enough any more...

+++ Timo Juhani Lindfors [2012-05-15 21:01 +0300]:

Yes, turns out I failed to read the instructions right, presumably due
to thinking I knew how this worked (i.e. you can't just put an iso
stright onto a USB stick, and you need 'hd-media' for USB sticks).

I'm glad to see that this has got significantly simpler.

> ubuntu uses the usb-creator package to provide a dbus api that allows
> normal users to create usb installation media. (It carefully checks that
> you can not write to the internal hard disk).

I think this is what most inexpert users would like to see - a
reasonably idiot-proof GUI tool for downloading an installer image and
putting it on the USB stick for them.

usb-creator is in ubuntu but not Debian for no good reason. It has
already had Debian support added. 

One of the uploaders, and the person who added the Debian support is a
DD: Dmitrijs Ledkovs. Dmitri - is there any reason not to just upload
this to Debian? I see a couple of places in the UI where it says
'Ubuntu' and it would be good if it got a bit cleverer and put in the
appropriate string with dpkg-vendor, as it already does for the logo
files. I also fixed up the build so it skips the not-present
dh-translations on Debian, and otherwise modified the deps for Debian.
I'll do some testing tonight when I have USB sticks to hand.

There are probably quite a few useful utilities like this in Ubuntu
universe that should get uploaded. 


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