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Bug#584752: same for keymap selection


On 13-05-2012 13:26, Adam Borowski wrote:
Same for the keymap selection screen: if you select a wrong one, the
<go back>  button doesn't work.

Can you give more information in which image this happens and steps to reproduce it?

I have used D-I 7.0 Alpha1 and in the next step after keyboard selection, which it's the network configuration, i've selected 'Go Back' and I was driven to installer's main menu where one of the options it's the keyboard configuration. Selecting this option i was able to change keyboard layout.

(Also, it's strange that typing "po" selects "Persian" instead of "Polish"
-- one would expect that if a prefix search doesn't work, it'd go to "O"

AFAIK in the installer when you press a key the cursor jumps to the next option of the *single* letter pressed. When you type 'po' it jumps to the next option that starts with a 'p' and then jumps to the first option that starts with 'o'.
If there's no 'o' stays in the previous choice - Persian in this case.
It jumps to "Pxxx" and then tries to jump ro "Oxxx" and not to "POxxx".

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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