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Re: Bootloader udeb selection for specific platform

Gerhard Pircher wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking into building a custom Debian install CD for a non-supported
> PowerPC platform. The platform doesn't work with any of the available
> bootloaders in Debian. Therefore I would like to create my own bootloader
> udeb package. While I can use one of the available bootloader udebs as
> a base for my work, I didn't find out yet how the installer selects the
> right bootloader for a platform (it seems to load several bootloader
> udebs during an installation). Is this done by preseeding (though I
> could only find preseeding options for grub and lilo) or by some check
> of the architecture/platform string in /etc/cpuinfo?

This is usually done with isinstallable scripts in the udebs's

see shy jo

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