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Bug#436785: partman: mount options

Thanks to elmig in #debian-boot here is a list of current mount options
on the manual partitioning page

  noatime, relatime, nodev, nosuid, noexec, ro, sync, usrquota,
  grpquota, user_xattr

Since relatime is the default now, I think at least having an "atime"
to override that is needed. "relatime" could also go away given that
there is no "async", "exec" , etc.

Here are some other things that might be useful to adjust (but some
might give users enough rope to hang themselves and be better changed
by editing fstab)

nodiratime - this option is implied by noatime (but I don't know if
it's implied by relatime). I don't know what the default is.

nobarrier - Barriers are on by default, and you'd probably only disable
them if you don't care about your data (which you might not depending
on what the server is used for)

data={journal|ordered|writeback} - ordered is the default

commit - number of seconds data/metadata should be sync'd, default is 5.
(variable, not a on/off thing)

{min|max}_batch_time - controls how ext4 batches up writes. (variable,
not an on/off thing)

For some of these it might not make sense to have them on the same
checklist page, and maybe some are only available via preseeding.

Matt Taggart

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