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Re: [RFH] Release of D-I Alpha1

Quoting Miguel Figueiredo (elmig@debianpt.org):
> Hi,
> On 23-04-2012 20:31, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> [...]
> >To what we had for a1 basically:
> Major bummers from recent d-i installations:
> - it's not possible to install with raid+lvm because it fails while
> installing grub (see #662086).
> - and kfreebsd daily builds (and installations) are failing;
> Are these blockers for a1, a2 or even b1?

None of these are IMHO blockers for a1. Of course, the RAID+LVM
failure is a blocker for b1 (either there is visibility that it can be
fixed, or we need to drop the feature).

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